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Brand Guidelines And

Anyone using King’s Charts’ assets must only use the screenshots and logos available on our Brand Resource Center webpage and adhere to the guidelines provided.

Only those who intend to use King’s Charts’ assets in any radio, broadcast, print, or out-of-home advertisement larger than 8.5 x 11 inches (A4 size) must request access. Permission requests must be written in English and include a mock-up of how the brand's logo will be used.

Anyone using King’s Charts’ assets must only use the screenshots and logos available on our Brand Resource Center webpage and adhere to the guidelines provided.

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I have read and accept the applicable guidelines and other terms for use.

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Avoid using the brand image in ways that imply sponsorship, partnership, or make ZeltaTech the only prominent or distinguishing feature. Any context in a script or storyline that casts a negative light on the brand must be avoided. You must comply with our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Avoid Shedding Negative Light

Consistency Assurance

⦿ Make sure the letters "K" and "C" are capitalised and in the same font style and size as the surrounding content.

⦿ If you create a website, an app, or a service or product that uses King’s Charts APIs or is otherwise related to or compatible with King’s Charts, you may only use King’s Charts in a descriptive manner to say that your app is "for King’s Charts" or that the name of your campaign is "on King’sCharts."

⦿ Do not attempt to translate, abbreviate, or modify the word King’sCharts into another language by using non-English characters, or replace it with one of our logos.

⦿ Do not use the words "Kings" or "Charts" in conjunction with your own brand.

⦿ Any aspect of the ZeltaTech brand should not be combined with a company name, generic terms, or other trademarks.

Avoid representing the King’s Charts brand in ways where:

⦿ King’sCharts may be mentioned in a TV commercial alongside King’sCharts companies or products.

⦿ Other blockchain/crypto/web3.0/De-Fi based platforms should not be mentioned alongside King’sCharts or its products, unless it is a general "Follow us on..." CTA.

⦿ If you create a hashtag that contains the words Kings or Charts, it should not be used on other social platforms, and no efforts should be made to enforce or acquire rights to that hashtag.

Keep KingsCharts Apart From others bloackchain/Crypto/Web3.0/De-Fi Based Platforms


When using King’s Charts in mainstream media, it must be made sure that members of our community are given proper attribution for their content.


If you plan to maintain your presence on King’s Charts in any of its products or use screenshots of King’s Charts and its products’ interface in a commercial, short film or movie, weekly show, TV or web series, and any other video, you need to follow our approval process.

To do so, follow the steps given below.

⦿ If you want to use King’s Charts in a commercial, film, or show, send us the main part of the script as well as a mock-up of the King’sCharts asset.

⦿ If the usage is not clear enough, we may request to see the entire script. Submit your script for animation along with business development paintings and digital storyboards.

⦿ Please use only the assets that have been approved. When you first submit your request, we will respond within two to three weeks.

⦿ Once the creatives, including your mock and script, are completed, submit the near-final version of our asset in your media.

⦿ When it comes to animation, the final clip must be uploaded once the animation is finished.

⦿ We will respond to you within two to three weeks after you submit your finalised creatives.

⦿ However, if seeking approval will take more than two to three weeks, you must revise your creative and resubmit your request while adhering to our guidelines. No approvals are final unless they are in writing.


King’sCharts invests heavily in the protection and development of its intellectual property. We enforce our rights against individuals who misuse our trademarks in addition to seeking registration of its logos and trademarks around the world.

King’sCharts’ trademarks are solely owned by King’sCharts and may only be used in accordance with the guidelines outlined above or with King'sCharts’ permission. Here is a list of a few of our trademarks.

You are not permitted to register, use, or claim rights in any King’sCharts’ trademark, including as or as part of any service mark, trade name, trademark, company name, domain registration, or username. You must not claim or use any trademark rights in a way that is suspiciously similar to or dilutive of King'sCharts’ trademarks, including as, or as part of, a trademark. Use King'sCharts’ trademarks only for purposes that are consistent with its Community Standards or Terms of Service.

We reserve the right, at any time, to revoke permission to use King'sCharts’ trademarks. King’sCharts reserves the right to refuse content that it deems inconsistent with the King’sCharts brand.